Our World Is Changing and Now We Must Change Too

Flow Mindset is an approach of learning the research-backed techniques to transition into stabilized flow experience for effortless productivity, inner peace and calm, and innovative creativity while living in a crisis-aware world.

Built on a decade of neuro-hacking research proven to shift hundreds of people into flow states normally only available to elite athletes and advanced meditators.

Tap into power through setbacks, a fearless heart, and unlock the mind’s full potential

Discover New Levels of High Performance




In Lindsay Briner’s Flow Mindset Training for your company and leadership team, you will discover…

  • The secret reason why most CEOs and Founders are unfulfilled, despite how conventionally or undeniably successful they appear to be.
  • Exactly what is holding you back at a psychological, cultural and memetic level from reaching the highest levels of human consciousness and your true potential… and what you can do now to break free from these limitations.
  • Where your core energy leaks are and how to rapidly resolve them, so you stop experiencing unnecessary distractibility, irritability, cravings, moodiness and fatigue.
  • How to stop being compromised by the stress of crisis and create super-resiliency, so you can lead the new normal by example and by living in your true purpose.
  • What the ‘MetaGame’ is and how mastering how you play it is the key to more powerfully leading yourself, your family and your company with more purpose and ease than ever before.
  • The importance of shifting from just getting by to vital engagement with your work
  • How you can use peak performance to master everyday life and stay personally and professionally autonomous, regardless of what happens to be going on in the world.
  • The neuroscience of fear and stress, and how to permanently shift into higher regions of the brain to allow for creativity, complex problem solving, insight, intuition, and more presence and joy in life.
  • How to move from states to traits of performance excellence (guided exercise), to create a life of vital engagement and go beyond temporary peak states.
  • How things are different now in a crisis-aware world, and what you can do to adapt quicker, thrive and contribute to preventing the next one.
  • And much, much more…

*Lindsay Teaching Flow Mindset at the Better Tomorrow Ventures founder’s retreat, image by J. Carpenter (https://www.jaysoncarpenter.com/)

In Flow Mindset Speaking Events and Trainings

You and your team will learn how to tap into a superhuman level of leadership resilience capability founded on personal wellbeing. Flow Mindset is a data-driven approach that synthesizes over a decade of both research and working with individual executive clients to transition people into not just temporary flow states and peak performance, but a stabilized flow for ongoing personal mastery through effortless productivity.

The popularized “flow state” which is a temporary rush can become akin to a personality trait; a learned pathway in the brain. Flow Mindset is the collection of techniques ranging from positive psychology, neuroscience, meditation, and guided imagery founded on a whole person framework.

Flow Mindset is continuous resilience, creativity, inner peace and calm in the eye of any storm.

About Your Transformative Executive and Advisor, Lindsay Briner:

Lindsay Briner is a world-renown transformative coach, neuroscientist and executive advisor. She is most widely known for her expertise and academic accomplishments in the fields of transformative technology, transpersonal psychology and the neuroscience of high human performance.

She has been featured in international academic conferences and publications in peer-review journals, with a focus on the neuroscience of awakened peak performance, with transformative technologies at the forefront of cultural change.

For the last decade, Lindsay has helped executives and leaders dedicated to radically evolving culture. Lindsay’s unique approach, combining the neuroscience of peak performance, meditation and positive psychology, helps executives harness flow states and beyond to reach the highest levels of development. To rise up as leaders of the New Future and create exponential growth in their industries and lives.

In addition to coaching and teaching her methods through her MetaGame course, Lindsay also runs Central Pillar, a 501c3 think tank, which is focused on humane and ethical uses of products that leverage technology for human wellbeing.

What Other Leaders Say About Your Instructor, Lindsay Briner:


“Lindsay led two Flow Mindset workshops and meditations at our founder’s retreat this year She taught easy to understand methods of how to reach and maintain peak performance. It was especially interesting to learn how meditation can be used to enhance flow states. Lindsay was a great teacher and brought a lot of fun knowledge to the event.”

Co-Founder and Partner, Better Tomorrow Venture

“Lindsay immediately made the group feel comfortable and helped us understand Flow State”

I hired Lindsay Briner to be a speaker for my YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Forum during a retreat focused on wellness. Lindsay immediately made the group feel comfortable and helped us understand Flow State and described some meditative practices we could use to achieve this state.

The group was composed of primarily male business executives and it’s a testament to Lindsay that they were all able to relate so well to her and that she explained the science behind the practices that she taught us. The highlight for us was the guided meditation that she led us through. We are all looking forward to continuing our work with her!

Owner and President, Jamal Retail Venture
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“It was eye opening…”

Being an experienced self explorer that have done Vipassana, read all the books and done many courses, I still found Lindsay’s workshop enlightening and a breath of fresh air. The training helped me understand and mentally note my different states of consciousness as I am going about my day. It also helped bring new understanding and awareness to how I relate to my family and myself, which was eye opening.

Lastly, the meditation at the end was super effective. Lindsay has a unique gentle voice that weaves beautifully together with empowering language – this combination of feeding my analytical mind and my bodily knowing left me uplifted. I am intrigued with what other gifts Lindsay has to share with us in the future…

CEO and Co-founder of Horizonmind.io

By the end of this free training, you will know exactly what limitations are holding you back from your full professional potential and what you can do now to not only stay ahead, but take your place as a leader in a crisis aware world.