How Wellness Technologies Can Solve the Psychological Crisis

In today’s modern world, many problems have been solved through the use of technology. And many more will continue to be addressed with constant technological advancements.

But in the last decade, new problems threatening human wellbeing and thriving have worsened.

We are facing a psychological crisis of rapidly increasing rates of depression, anxiety, trauma, alzheimer’s, teen suicide, ADHD, and more. The impact of this crisis has massive personal, societal, and economic impact globally.

The rate at which this is happening cannot be resolved through humans helping humans methods, such as coaching, therapy, or counseling alone.

The only way to solve these problems rapidly and permanently is through the ethical use of transformative technologies…

  • to bring us deeper into our biology through biometrics,
  • elevate our self-awareness and therefore increase our self-regulation capabilities,
  • help us raise the baseline of a fundamental wellbeing
  • access peak state and performance capabilities
  • access peak development and beyond
  • reconnect us to our our natural state, and therefore reconnect to nature itself.

Both individually and collectively through a more integrated connection to others, community, and the world.

The Complexities of the World Today Have Fragmented Our Wholeness

Technology has been part of that problem, but can ironically also be a solution. Technology that is steered appropriately toward human wellbeing and flourishing can bring us back to wholeness and even deepen what it means to be human.

Many industry leaders and business executives see these challenges and feel a call to solve them, either by creating transformative technologies themselves, or utilizing them in their existing products, services, and company culture.

But these grand visions, comes with their own set of challenges.

Turn Grand Visions into Practical Realities:

Wellness Technology is the Change Model for Your Organization

Entrepreneurs and longstanding organizations hear the call to address these modern problems through technology and innovation. However, most are unable to create the change model needed to better serve their employees, their customers and humanity at large.

Startups, product accelerators, and diverse firms are all looking to the latest technological advances to make their products and services more accessible to an ever-evolving marketplace.

Wellness Technologies enhance and scale solutions while increasing human potential. The result is exponential growth for your business by way of people, profit, and planet.

Though implementing these visions is no easy task. It takes heroic effort and skillful expertise.

Through my wellness technology consulting, I will guide you to turn your grand visions into practical realities. And help bring your vision to life with wellness technologies to better serve your organization, your customers, and your vision.

Emerging Wellness Technologies I Specialize In:


Stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and fear.


Self-awareness, resilience, inner peace, happiness, gratitude, social-emotional skills.


Mental cognition, emotional mastery, and healthy relationships.


Peak performance, flow state, self-transcendence, fundamental wellbeing.


Community, deep connection, connection to nature.


Wellness Technology Organizational Consulting

There are 3 pillars of how wellness technology consulting can benefit your organization.

My personal commitment to the industry is to ensure a mindset of everyone everywhere in all stages of the business to ensure positive impact design for billions through these pillars.

Here’s How It Works:


Wellness technologies open your organization up to a larger audience, making your products and services more accessible, and more able to help those who need it the most—not just those who have access to it.


Technology’s ability to measure, influence, and stimulate the human mind can positively impact our species when is undeniable.

Through the ethical use of wellness technologies, you can more accurately influence human wellbeing with innumerable applications across a multitude of industries. As well as track, measure and demonstrate it to your users, investors and stakeholders.


Wellness technologies empower your organization with more scale, so your product and services can get more results, more efficiently, and to more users at once.

For startups, there are specific expert methods in design stages to optimize for scale and the positive impact of billions.

The key to using wellness technology ethically and powerfully is in how you use it, measure it and demonstrate it to better serve the customers and your team. This is what I specialize in, helping industry leaders create more accessible, impactful and scalable solutions to increase human wellbeing.

Is Your Organization Ready To Up Level?

About Your Executive Advisor, Lindsay Briner:

Lindsay Briner is a world-renown executive coach, advisor, and neuro-psychologist. She is most widely known for her expertise and academic accomplishments in the fields of transformative technology, transpersonal psychology and the neuroscience of high performance.

She has been featured in international academic conferences and publications in peer-review journals, with a focus on the neuroscience of peak performance, with transformative technologies at the forefront of cultural change.

For the last decade, Lindsay has helped executives and leaders with her unique approach, combining the neuroscience of peak performance, meditation and positive psychology. Lindsay helps executives harness Stabilized Flow to reach the highest levels of development. To rise up as modern leaders creating exponential growth in their companies, industries and lives. She teaches on the neuroscience of meditation and on Stabilized Flow as a regular Guest Lecturer at Stanford University.

In addition to coaching and teaching her methods, Lindsay is continuously passionate in supporting humanitarian initiatives on the ethical development and market use of NeuroTechnology at the intersections of AI, human wellbeing, and the future of societal growth through technology.

The Center for Human Technology

An organization founded to incite human upgrading

While the exponential evolution of technology has created many of the problems modern humans face, transformative technology is the key to solving these challenges rapidly and permanently.

There is no doubt that transformative technology holds the key to humanity’s future. Whether it is used to unite and empower humanity, or divide and conquer humanity, simply depends on how it’s used.

That’s why Central Pillar was formed—to help industry leaders better utilize wellness technologies, to accelerate and amplify human upgrading and direct the evolution of the industry itself.

We do this by through a think tank group of industry leaders and an ethics pledge to empower organizations, by way of better directing the advancement of wellness technology development to support human thriving in consideration to the integrity of the planet’s ecosystem and our future generations.

To use awakened technologies, to curb the cognition crisis and unlock the highest level of human optimization and Human 2.0.

What Other Leaders Say About Your Coach, Lindsay Briner:

“Unraveling the mysteries of brain, mind, and consciousness and how to apply it in a practical way to help people is clearly Lindsay’s passion and expertise.”

Deepak Chopra, MD
Author, Speaker and Advisor

“Lindsay is knowledgeable in all aspects of Transformative Technology, including the scientific, technical, philosophical and ethical dimensions. Her breadth of knowledge and her connections in the field were immeasurable. She was a constant resource, and I could not have completed many of my projects without her expertise and guidance. But perhaps more importantly, her wisdom and compassion helped me through the many challenges in studying the impact of technology on human well-being, and for that, I feel lucky to have collaborated with her, and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Jay Sanguinetti, PHD
Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Neuroscientist

“Lindsay is a pleasure to work with. Her passion and determination to bring TransTech to the masses is an asset to any project.”

Poonancha Machaiah
Founder, CEO Jiyo

Past and Current Collaborations

Here’s How You Can Use Wellness Technology  Consulting to Empower Your Organization

  • Discover current trends and capabilities of how wellness technology is already being successfully utilized in your industry.
  • Develop high-performance strategy aligned with your company’s goals, develop and prototype your next MVP, and enhance your portfolio for the next round of funding. Turn your big-vision into practical and wellness tech solutions now.
  • Design for Positive Impact: positively influence your existing organization, products and services through wellness technologies.
  • Measure for Success: track and measure the impact that your products and services have on the wellbeing of your customers. Demonstrate effectiveness.
  • Discover which wellness technologies will be most useful to upgrade your existing products, services, and wellbeing of users.
  • Model for Change: Create an accessible, impactful, scalable business model utilizing wellness technology to reach your customer base and positively impact billions.
  • Grow Necessary Relationships: connect with advisors in the wellness technology space.
  • Help your existing product address aspects of mental health, and how technology interfaces to the betterment of humans.
  • Defining Wellbeing: discover what mental and emotional health means to your organization and how to effectively measure it.
  • Track your Company’s Progress and Reach your Goals: discover how to effectively integrate wellbeing into upcoming product launches and with existing clientele….
  • And much, much more…

Find out how the ethical and influential use of  wellness technology can empower your organization.

Thinking Ahead and Leading Ahead

In times of crisis, how we respond determines whether we adapt and thrive. Or create a new crisis altogether. We need leaders who can sit in the complexity of the moment, while strategizing the way forward of the long-term.

In order to thrive in an era of accelerated global crisis, we must look to wellness technology as the bridge from our current reality to a newly-forming society. This is Humanity 2.0.

Wellness technology achieves Humanity 2.0 by creating innovative solutions for the next seven generations and beyond. We focus on the wellbeing of not only the individual, but also of families, communities, society, and the planet in wholeness.

Organizations able to do this will become the most capable leaders of the future and create new realities for today.

With the use of wellness technologies, you can lead the way and become a living example of how evolution within your industry can and will lead to the exponential growth of wellbeing for the masses.

Are you ready to lead human thriving?

“In times of crisis we need to slow down.”

– African proverb (Bayo Akomolafe)

My advising and consulting has helped leaders across several industries to utilize wellness technologies in upgrading current products and services, create access and scale 10x. Discover how Your organization can leverage transformative technology to lead human thriving.

I’ve consulted and advised with dozens of industry leaders from Neurohacker Collective, The Chopra Foundation, JIYO, HorizonMind, Pacific Medical Resources, the Centre for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona and many more. I have helped them create more scalability, accessibility and rigor through transformative technologies. Creating new wellness technologies, utilizing them to upgrade their existing products and services, and empowering them to direct the growth of the industry.

Join today with the leaders on the forefront– where technology, wellbeing and society transform.

If your organization is ready to lead the change…

Use the application below now for expert advising and consulting in Wellness Technology.