Despite living lives of success and achievement, the truth is…

Many CEO’s, executives and leaders are secretly unfulfilled.

As they grow their businesses taking on more responsibility and pushing themselves to achieve their goals and follow through on their commitments

They often succeed, to a point, but along the way the price they pay is personal:

  • They stretch themselves too thin, driving themselves to burnout and feel the toll physically and mentally.
  • They push themselves to achieve company goals, while cutting corners on their personal health and making rash and often impulsive decisions.
  • Behind closed doors, they often experience existential anxiety, feeling like it’s not worth it and as if what they do is meaningless with a lost connection to their purpose.
  • They are so on-the-go that they lose connection to their purpose, lose sight of the impact of what you’re doing, and even forget why you started doing this in the first place.

Does this sound like you? If so, know you are not alone.

This reality is all too common among high-achievers and leaders of all types.

But the good news is, there is another, more effective mode of operating.

Reach The Next Level of Your Leadership Capacity with Stabilized Flow

My novel contribution to leadership development and performance excellence originates in the distinctions between states, traits, structures, stages, and processes in consciousness – in the brain and behavior.

The historical research roots of ‘flow states’ by Maslow and Csikszentmihalyi define flow as a ‘state’ attribute that anyone at any age can experience it. In this context, age and maturity level do not matter. Flow states (as temporary experiences) are accessible to everyone by it’s original definition. Therefore, flow state is not necessarily a leadership attribute, it’s more of a ‘peak’ or high.

In contract, Stabilized Flow can only occur through developmental stage growth. It is a trait, which means that the structure of the brain has changed in the way it organizes the flow of energy and information – the structure has changed ongoingly.

Stabilized Flow give you access to the exhilaration of sustained levels of productivity while simultaneously experiencing calm, awe, and creativity. The integrated and holistic maturity that result from Stabilized Flow developments is the ONLY type of leadership that will thrive in the fast-changing global landscape.

Operating from Stabilized Flow as a Leader means:

  • You are less reactive, less distracted and less overwhelmed by overstimulation. The usual “triggers” subside, allowing you to float above the clouds of your usual stressors and reactive depression.
  • The internal voice of inner criticism, self doubt and second-guessing fade. Calm, confidence and clarity come online.
  • You experience a radical identity shift away from addiction to adrenaline, into sustainable peace, persistent high performance and greater levels of wellbeing.
  • A deeper integration between self and your business, where the business is fueled by your values and acts as an expression of your purpose.
  • Feeling like life is moving through you, as you, effortlessly moving towards your goals, instead of always pushing and striving you are pulled toward your calling.
  • And much, much more…

Stabilized Flow occurs when a new network of the brain is activated and sustained,

with new styles of leadership emerging naturally…


Your leadership style gains discernment and clarity of mind. You lead from your authentic truth to demonstrate more integrity to your co-workers. Higher levels of trustworthiness is earned from others. Your team is more at ease and generates better business outcomes.


Your leadership style becomes embodied. You are more present in your body and mind, thus better able to regulate your nervous system moment-by-moment and task-by-task. This reduces and eliminates the  impulsive decision-making that occurs when you are operating from triggers and anxiety. In this way, you are able to maintain strategy on long-term decision-making, no longer locked into the tunnel vision of immediate stresses.


Your leadership style begins to discern the complexity that we face today, operating ahead of systemic changes, rather than in reaction to obstacles as they occur. You develop newfound insight into the nuances required to make effective decisions in the increasingly complicated world we face, creating better results for both humanity and the planet. Moreover, the exponential growth of AI requires humane ethical insights. Maintaining access to the executive function of foresight in this civilization axiom is a required 21st century skill for leaders.


A Transformative leadership style emerges when utilizing the Stabilized Flow formula. You naturally lead from a vision of the further future and facilitate your team to gain an intrinsic motivation from there. Specifically this transformative inspiration comes from being curious, rather than being committed to being right. It comes from asking creative questions and leading each individual to join you in the long term strategy.


Your leadership style becomes Transpersonal, which means that you are beyond ego, beyond the limitations of self-interest. This occurs when you know the patterns of your self-mode so well, you shift from fear-based motivational axioms of self interest to automatically operating out of altruism. The whole system of the business, the larger culture and society the business acts within and the world at large benefit.

The above leadership styles above are at the forefront of leadership empirical research and are observed observed to occur in when you develop and maintain Stabilized Flow as a Leadership style.


The New Approach to Mindset and Performance for Business Executives

Most take a linear approach to achieving their goals based on an outdated model of leadership and human development. This is why so many get stuck, lost and never discover new innate capacities to reach the next level.

I use an updated model of both leadership and human development based on my research to help you breakthrough to unlock the highest levels of wellbeing and harness a permanent flow trait. Rather than temporary flow states.

In our 1:1 coaching, you will experience a highly focused personalized approach to applied neuroplasticity to retrain the brain for Stabilized Flow.

The outcome? Lead your company and teams into high performance with immediate results in a way that not only protects your nervous system, but optimizes it. Lead the change you want to see. It starts with you.

Here’s How It Works:

the false-self narrative

I will guide you through a process of uncovering the patterns that keep you trapped in the narrative mind that keep you distracted, reactive, and overstimulated – holding you back from your biggest goals. We all have an inner voice that trips us up; the analysis paralysis, the imposter syndrome, the perfectionist, the inner critic, the one who has to achieve to prove themselves etc. Together, we will take into account your unique neuro-diversity and rewire your mind for more empowering narratives and beliefs and bringing positive traits online to activate them for sustained higher performance.


Optimize your baseline by uploading a new operating system of mindset techniques.

At this stage, you will be introduced to personalized techniques based on my PhD research. These will assist you in redirecting the narrative mind into a healthy mindset. You will transcend narratives completely and get glimpses into a ‘unity in action’ experience AKA flow.

The more you refine what works best for you, the more and more flow you will experience. This will result in greater levels of creative insight and higher levels of productivity and performance. You will glean insight into a new baseline of wellbeing, clarity, and capacity to execute well beyond what you thought you were capable of generating. Stabilized Flow is a learned pathway in the brain that gets stronger as you progress, and this is just the beginning.

The best part about applying these techniques in a 1:1 format is that we get to follow your practice in real time. We stay closely connected to your reactivity, triggers and distractions as you progress to stay on the path of Stabilized Flow in a very direct way, where nothing gets in the way.


Experience systemic upgrades in mind, body, business, relationships and productivity.

We will finish our coaching together by transitioning temporary peak states into persistent traits for an integrated new sense of self. This phase is an exploration of new developmental terrain to view your team, business and personal life from an entirely new lens.

As you reach these higher stages of experience, your performance excellence becomes more constant. By the end of our time together, you will move beyond temporary flow-states to begin accessing the highest levels of human experience and wellbeing for true self-mastery — not just task performance-mastery.

The process and formula acts as a spiral that only deepens and intensifies your ability to be in a permanent flow trait. This Stabilized Flow trait amplifies all of the projects and people around you continue to benefit as your motivational axioms run more and more on self-contentedness with altruism, rather than on fear, doubt and anxiety.

With more Stabilized Flow comes a deeper connection to life and to reality, therefore a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Fearlessness grows in your heart with an unstoppable motivation to better serve your family, your business, your community and the world at large with greater clarity for positive global impact.

But you may be wondering, who am I? And how did I create this model?

About Your Executive Coach and Leadership Development Trainer, Lindsay Briner:

Lindsay Briner is a world-renown executive coach, advisor, and neuro-psychologist. She is most widely known for her expertise and academic accomplishments in the fields of transformative technology, transpersonal psychology and the neuroscience of high performance.

She has been featured in international academic conferences and publications in peer-review journals, with a focus on the neuroscience of peak performance, with transformative technologies at the forefront of cultural change.

For the last decade, Lindsay has helped executives and leaders with her unique approach, combining the neuroscience of peak performance, meditation and positive psychology. Lindsay helps executives harness Stabilized Flow to reach the highest levels of development. To rise up as modern leaders creating exponential growth in their companies, industries and lives. She teaches on the neuroscience of meditation and on Stabilized Flow as a regular Guest Lecturer at Stanford University.

In addition to coaching and teaching her methods, Lindsay is continuously passionate in supporting humanitarian initiatives on the ethical development and market use of NeuroTechnology at the intersections of AI, human wellbeing, and the future of societal growth through technology.

Through “Stabilized Flow Leadership Coaching” You Will Discover

  • Exactly what is holding you back at a psychological, cultural and memetic level from reaching the highest levels of your leadership capacity and your true potential… and what you can do now to break free from these limitations.
  • What subconscious beliefs are holding you back, and how to rewire your mind to bring more empowering beliefs online to flourish, therefore, letting them drive you to higher levels of flow and performance to get the results from your team and in your industry.
  • Where your core energy leaks are and how to rapidly resolve them, so you stop experiencing unnecessary distractibility, irritability, cravings, moodiness and fatigue.
  • Learn what the ‘Stabilized Flow’ network in the brain is and how mastering it is the key to more powerfully leading yourself, your family and your company with more purpose and ease than ever before.
  • The neuroscience of fear and stress, and how to permanently shift into higher regions of the brain to allow for creativity, complex problem solving, insight, intuition, and more presence and joy in life.
  • How you can use constant, not just temporary, peak performance to master everyday life and stay personally and professionally autonomous in the eye of any external storm of stress.
  • How to create a life of vital engagement and go beyond temporary peak states and access stabilized flow, a flow-trait.
  • Emerge naturally into new leadership styles to drive lasting results, while simultaneously optimizing your cognitive clarity and fundamental wellbeing.

And much, much more
Are you ready to find out how this can work for you?

Who Is This For?

Stabilized Flow Leadership Coaching is for CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, professional athletes… the trail blazers, game changers and innovators who are determined to stay ahead of a win-win future.

Leaders who need to feel their best and perform their best for their teams, families, communities and companies.

Those who not only see how the world can be improved, but feel the personal call to be the one to lead the change. To create a more beautiful future, that prioritizes the people in it.

In short, this is for you.

From Emergency to Emergence

Have you had to pivot your business in recent times, adapting to the chaos and complexity global change—as so many hundreds of thousands have in the post-pandemic era?

In a crisis-aware world, not only do our businesses need to adapt, but so too do our leaders.

Which is why now there is a louder call than ever for Stabilized Flow Leadership.

You see, global challenges are global symptoms.

Global change means business changes, and a personal capacity to not just keep up, but stay ahead. Even more so, Global crisis IS personal crisis, which can only be solved by the leaders in each industry to pioneer adaptation and innovation. So, we shift from emergency to emergence. Individually and collectively – to seize the seed in any crisis or complex changes as opportunity for a new future with a new type of leadership guiding the way by example.

Which is why when you take this necessary step not only do you thrive on an individual level…

But you step up, lead and help everyone around you and all your projects to flourish.

Take Your Place as a Leader at the Forefront of an Accelerating World

Stabilized Flow Leaders are…

  • Centered
  • Calm
  • Clear.
  • They have discernment between biases of self and other.
  • They are able to solve complex problems creatively,
  • They can self-regulate their nervous system better than ever before (a super-resiliency).
  • They maintain laser-focus while adapting to new changes constantly (flexible).
  • They feel a deep sense of inner peace with clarity of mind for skillful sense-making and choice-making.

They grab chaos by the reins to rise into opportunity to adapt accordingly, moment to moment, with a strategic birds’ eye view into the further future.

They not only embrace change but LEAD change.

This is not just flow state, but a Flow-Trait. This is certainty within uncertainty. This is access to game changing-creativity, and an unshakable inner peace and calm, complimentary to productivity, performance and results.

If you hear this call and want to take your place as a leader at the forefront of the newest level of mindset and performance excellence, sign up for a call today while spots are still available.

Secure your spot now for a complimentary discovery call. There’s no risk. And by the end of our time together, you will have a clear path to reach the next level in your development.

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Stop Paying the Personal Price

The uncomfortable truth is, the ones who are there the most for others, who expect the most of themselves, and push themselves to achieve great things…

Are often the ones who pay for it in the end.

In their health.

Their wellbeing.

Their sense of meaning, progress, or passion.

While their company thrives, their personal life suffers. And eventually, enough is enough.

What starts as their strength and helps them achieve the most, becomes the very thing that holds them back.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In just one call together, we can uncover where your biggest energy leaks are, where unnecessary resistance is coming from and help you gain more clarity of mind.

And begin to explore what is possible for you, at higher levels of leadership development that you are ready for.

If one call together has the chance to change things, isn’t it worth it?

Let things be effortless.

Because remember, when you are connected to the rapidly accelerating world, rather than in reaction to it – you can be at the forefront of global changes, rather than a victim to them. To lead the changes the world needs

Limited Availability, Secure Your Spot Now

“My coaching and my formula to Stabilized Flow is an East meets West approach.

You see, Csikzentmihalyi in the original research on flow states said there are two aspects of performance excellence; the ordinary mind which is scattered and bounces from one thing to another. Overstimulated and distracted. The other is the extraordinary mind; a “unity in action” where ‘Flow’ implies an orderly unfolding. Deep focus. The more you pay attention, the more orderly the mind unfolds.

As my incredible late teacher, Dr. Daniel P. Brown from Harvard University, pointed out to me – the Buddhists texts translate a similar metaphor of a stream entering the mind, like the main channel of a river; an orderly unfolding of consciousness. You do not have to enter or leave the stream, you can stay in that stream more and more continuously.

So the more organized your mind is, the more organized your performance is. With our understanding of the power of neuroplasticity, we know that higher adult development never ends.

It is not about giving up to sit in a cave, monostary or retreat center. It is about targeting the underpinnings of motivation itself to reach the bonus levels of the human experience.”

Lindsay Briner,
Stabilized Flow Leadership Solutions founder