What would the world be like if every founder & CEO realized their fullest potential with an authentic altruism, a fearless heart, and an ethical more beautiful vision of the future with laser sharp cognitive focus?


Hi I’m Lindsay Briner

I am an explorer of higher truth with a passion for assisting people and groups in making the transition into a new level of high performance in the 21st century fast-paced world; from flow ‘state’ to a flow ‘trait.’

As an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Trainer, I’ve worked with individuals, leaders and groups for over 10 years, applying psychosomatic modalities ranging in the intersections of sports psychology, meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, family systems psychology and much more through a transpersonal lens. It has been my greatest joy to guide people and groups into Stabilized Flow with my novel methodology. My approach was inspired by my research as my team and I continue to collect and publish data on it’s validity.

As a research scientist, my ongoing curiosity has always resided in the largest open question in science, surrounding the ‘hard-problem’ of consciousness characterized by philosopher David Chalmers: What are the neural correlates of consciousness? And how does an updated scientific approach to defining consciousness evolve culture?

My foundational background is in neurobiology, where I focused on the effects of transcendental meditation on the neuroendocrine stress response. Starting in 2016 for many years, I worked as both a Research Scientist and Consultant at the Transformative Technology Lab in Palo Alto, CA. I investigated the analysis of a large dataset on the neuroscience and psychology of nonduality in the brain and behavior, and higher states of consciousness generally. The analysis covered how people (safely, reliably, and rapidly) transition to higher states, how these states result in a fundamental wellbeing, and how that shift can become permanent. From states to stages, structures and traits in the mind and behavior.

I’ve also worked with physicists and molecular biologists at the Resonance Science Foundation to study quantum coherence and vibrational modes of neural molecular structures that access the spacetime field of consciousness, as well as how consciousness is produced through the geometrical, self-organizing, and information feedback systems of spacetime itself.

I hold a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, with a specialization in Neurophenomenology and Consciousness. I’m also currently nearing the completion of my PhD, where I’ve been investigating the societal implications of the leadership styles of the Wellness Technology industry, and how it relates to avoiding the imminent existential and catastrophic risks we are currently faced with globally. In this novel research, I am asking, what does it mean to be an executive leader in this industry while living in a crisis-aware world?

I have been a meditator and yogi for over two decades, with training in most of the primary contemplative wisdom traditions. Currently I am a student of DzogsChen and Mahamudra Buddhism. I am also a long time student of the Trans-Himalayan teachings of the Theosophy Society, thanks to my Aunt, Dr. Barb Briner, who was my first teacher. She has a legacy body of work out of her Institute for BioEnergy studies and at the University of Michigan, which revolutionized specific aspects of the Trans-Himalayan teachings globally.

Though I have training in a diverse background of a variety of traditions, I teach and work with clients from a nondogmatic and research-based approach, whereby, I emphasize the most recent research in meditation and neuroplasticity, yet with a deep reverence to the cultural roots. I teach both on the neuroscience of meditation and the practice of meditation as a regular lecturer at Stanford University.

I am a mother to a beautiful and wise 6 year old son, who is my greatest teacher.

I have been a long-distance runner in the mountain trails of the Bay Area my whole life. I also train in ultra-distance cycling and enjoy dance, yoga and martial arts.

I stand for Stabilized Flow Leadership to support the 21st century flourishing in the wake of the polycrisis. From emergency to emergence, from survival to thriving… a new future awaits at the fingertips of our greatest leaders.

Organizations I’m Affiliated With

My Advisors

I am honored to receive support and guidance from my advisors, each of whom is a leading pioneer in the elevation of human consciousness – at the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, technology, and wellbeing.

Deepak Chopra is the Founder of the Chopra Foundation and the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.  He’s a world-renowned pioneer in mind-body medicine and personal transformation, and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism.

He is also a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.  Deepak has authored more than 80 books, published in more than 43 languages, including 22 New York Times best sellers. 

Nichol Bradford is the CEO and Founder of the Willow Group, and the Executive Director and co-founder of the Transformative Technology Lab.  She previously served as a senior executive in video games, responsible for strategy, operations and marketing for major brands that include Activision Blizzard, Disney, and Vivendi Games.

She speaks regularly on Transformation, Exponential Technology, and Culture at conferences like Singularity University’s Global Summit, Exponential Medicine, Catapult Future Fest, Wisdom 2.0 and more. 

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a Co-Founder and Director of Research and Development at the Neurohacker Collective, where is he focused on developing processes and technologies for advancing medicine and human optimization.

He is particularly focused on personalized medicine, adequate approaches to complex illness, and deepening our knowledge of how the human regulatory systems function, how they break down, and how they can be supported to function with greater resilience.

Kris Hallbom is an internationally recognized NLP trainer, author and professional coach since 1996. She is the co-founder of the NLP Coaching Institute, and has been actively involved in the field of NLP for over 30 years. She has taught to live audiences in over 20 countries and has helped thousands of people create more of what they want in their lives.

She is the co-author of the books, Powerful Questions and Techniques for Coaches and Therapists, Innovations in NLP, and Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. She has also produced numerous articles and videos on positive psychology, wealth consciousness and systems thinking featured in internal journals and magazines.

Dustin DiPerna is a Harvard-trained scholar of world religions. He currently serves as adjunct professor at Stanford University where he teaches classes on meditation, human flourishing, and purpose finding.

Dustin spent 20 years studying with Ken Wilber and is considered an expert in Integral Theory. He is a senior teacher of Tibetan meditation practices and studied with his main meditation teacher, Daniel P. Brown, for 16 years. Dustin and Dan co-taught Mahamudra and Dzogchen meditation retreats together for 10 years until Dan’s passing. Dustin teaches regularly in the US, Europe, and China.

Through his writing, teaching, and entrepreneurship, Dustin helps people find happier and more fulfilling ways of being in the world. His books include Streams of Wisdom, Evolution’s Ally, and Earth is Eden.

Gavin Abeyratne works as a consultant and advisor to empower high consciousness leaders with the skills to rally their teams towards a powerful vision and positively affect the world. He has over a decade of experience in management consulting, marketing, strategic communications and thought leadership.

Gavin founded his own companies, held Senior Marketing Positions at Mindvalley, launched best-selling books such as Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, shared the stage with the Managing Director of Google Asia, and myself trained thousands of entrepreneurs in conscious business.

Let’s Work Together

“I am envisioning a near future, where an ecosystem of ethical technologies, coaching, therapy, medicine, and contemplative approaches are harmoniously brought together in integrity to both flatten the curve of human suffering and reconnect us to nature. A future where a deeper understanding of what it means to be human is supported and cherished.

A future where this type of support is affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere. A new era is well underway, where freedom and equality in wellness will shine through the efforts of collaborative innovation.”