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The 5 Myths that Sabotage Leaders from being in Flow

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Stabilized Flow is a new research-backed approach to high performance leadership for CEOs, founders and executive leadership teams.

Flow states and ‘peak’ performance experiences are temporary.

The Stabilized Flow method gives leaders access to persistent flow in all areas of life, at all times.

We are facing a crisis of distraction, disconnection and burnout in the business world, brought about by information overload, isolation and unrealistic “hustle culture”.

The old model of 24/7 work and burning the midnight oil is quietly and quickly burning out our leaders. The culture of “killing it” is killing us.

The addiction to stress and adrenaline, reinforced by the dopamine rewards of achievement, is a trap. This deep-rooted pattern locks into our nervous system and becomes our default mode until we burn out.
What’s missing is the calm, ease and focus that we see in high-performance athletes who master their craft.

What if you could generate this flow state not just in a single task or skill, but rather master it in all areas of your life, maintaining it from task-to-task and day-to-day?

The disconnect between work-life balance coupled with the rapidly increasing complexities of the world, leaves most executives, leaders and entrepreneurs secretly unfulfilled.

Do you see yourself or your team members doing any of the following?

Stretching yourself too thin
with task overload

Making rash, impulsive decisions

Losing connection to meaning
and purpose

Driving yourself to burnout and
feeling the toll physically

Feeling like it’s not worth it

Forgetful, irritable,
and distracted

Pushing yourself to achieve
company goals, while cutting corners
on your personal health

Pretending everything is great,
but behind closed doors,
experiencing existential anxiety

Losing sight of the impact of what
you’re doing, and even forgetting
why you started doing it in the first place

Does this sound like you? If so, know you are not alone.

This is all too common among high-achievers and leaders of all types who are experiencing dire consequences to their health, relationships and quality of life.

These are the tell-tales signs of ordinary leadership that lacks training. Resulting in…a new leadership challenge, to shift from ordinary leadership to extraordinary leadership, because…

The world has changed, so the way we lead must change too.

There is a solution to the new leadership challenge. It’s called…

About Your Executive Coach &
Leadership Development Trainer:

Hi, I’m Lindsay Briner. In my 10+ years of academic research and thousands of hours of 1:1 client work with CEO’s, professional athletes, celebrities, and investors, I have discovered that flow states do not need to be temporary experiences. 

My novel contribution to the area of performance and motivation, Stabilized Flow, is when a state becomes a trait. This unique method resolves these all too common dysfunctions and removes the risks of ordinary leadership approaches.

I am a research scientist, leadership development trainer and executive coach offering a novel synthesis of best practices from cognitive neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, neurobiology of peak performance, sports psychology and meditation.

I teach my Stabilized Flow method to individuals, groups, and business teams. It is my greatest joy to guide people to unlock their highest potential, to achieve persistent inner peace, to generate peak performance and to sustain their wellbeing.

What is Stabilized Flow?

From a Temporary STATE to Persistent TRAIT

Flow state is…

You’ve probably heard of “flow states”… and they’ve always been represented as “peak experiences”.

This is where the focus of traditional high performance leadership development is today. To train people to be at their best for their sales pitch, product delivery, or board meeting presentation. It’s a game-time mentality, where you can access flow on-demand in short-term bursts.

Flow state is when you are fully present with the task at hand, where the self-critique of the narrative mind totally deactivates. The state of Flow refers to temporary moments of rapt attention and absorption, when you are fully focused on the task at hand – a concentration cruise control.

As a high performer, you might know that flow state has been named a leading 21st century necessary skill.

Why are flow states insufficient for leadership today?

While these flow states of “peak experience” are indeed wonderful… they’re always transitory…this type of temporary “high” experience is simply not relevant to the demands of the busy entrepreneurial workplace. It adds to the ups and downs of stress and adrenaline.

You need flow states that last all day, allowing you to get your work done without distraction, stress and panic, from task-to-task and day-to-day. A type of flow that actually protects and optimizes your nervous system, rather than dimmish it. That’s why you need stabilized flow. 

Stabilized Flow is… a persistent TRAIT. A permanent state of optimal performance. 

The Stabilized Flow Method Uses Applied Neuroplasticity to Retrain the Brain

By targeting patterns of the stress response, we can atrophy networks in the brain that sabotage performance. Then generating new neural pathways intentionally aimed to upregulate structures of the brain to sustain the experience flow states, harnessing a permanent flow trait.

Stabilized flow is a learned pathway in the brain. You can hardwire this pathway with precision of applied neuroplasticity techniques.

Through the Stabilized Flow method, you out of your usual narrative-mind neural networks of fear, doubt, disbelief and into automated neural networks of a new happiness set-point for continuous laser-like focus and purpose-driven motivation.

Achieving Stabilized Flow results in…

Heightened attentiveness for
deep focus / undistracted

Unshakable calm with mental Clarity

Creative complex problem solving

Skillful sense-making in the face
of misinformation

Skillful decision-making

Innovative insight

High EQ

Unlocked hidden gifts or
capacities spontaneously

Minimal irritability / reactivity

A sense of ongoing effortlessness

Fundamental wellbeing

Deeper connection to purpose
and meaning

Eastern gurus and yogis have achieved these states… but they’ve been wrapped in layers of religious practice and pseudo-claims. This research-backed methodology is easy to learn and doesn’t require you to sit in a cave or monastery. You do not need regular fancy retreats away from ordinary life.

It is about targeting the underpinnings of motivation through a neuroscientific lens to reach the bonus levels of the human experience.

Stabilized Flow Leadership

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Group Program: Leading with Flow

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Access superhuman resilience to keep calm, maintain deep focus and clarity of mind in the eye of any storm with live trainings and 1:1 sessions with Lindsay


Private Programs: Team Trainings
for Organizations

Keynote speaking, Workshops, or customized long term programs for your executive team or whole organization.

Help your team and employees harness Stabilized Flow for a high performance company culture.


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Designed to help you go big for a permentant nervous system reset for exponential capabilities in high performance leadership with
Stabilized Flow.


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Extraordinary Leadership is Critical in an Increasingly Complex and Challenging World

Leaders of the future are ones who have adapted with super-human levels of resilience to our ever-changing world, which require new 21st century skills.

We are living through the convergence of several mega-trends that have finally “tipped”… such as AI, climate, macro-economic uncertainty, and the emergence of a new multipolar political world.

Do you want to live through these massive shifts and uncertainties reactively… with stress and anxiety… following old models of leadership and “stress reduction” that no longer work?

Or do you want to rise to meet and overcome these challenges proactively… charting your own course and shaping your own narrative with ease, focus, energy and calm?
Will you rise to meet the challenge and define a new standard of performance excellence?

“My coaching and my formula to Stabilized Flow is an East meets West approach.

You see, Csikzentmihalyi in the original research on flow states said there are two aspects of performance excellence; the ordinary mind which is scattered and bounces from one thing to another. Overstimulated and distracted. The other is the extraordinary mind; a “unity in action” where ‘Flow’ implies an orderly unfolding. Deep focus. The more you pay attention, the more orderly the mind unfolds.

As my incredible late teacher, Dr. Daniel P. Brown from Harvard University, pointed out to me – the Buddhists texts translate a similar metaphor of a stream entering the mind, like the main channel of a river; an orderly unfolding of consciousness. You do not have to enter or leave the stream, you can stay in that stream more and more continuously.

So the more organized your mind is, the more organized your performance is. With our understanding of the power of neuroplasticity, we know that higher adult development never ends.

It is not about giving up to sit in a cave, monostary or retreat center. It is about targeting the underpinnings of motivation itself to reach the bonus levels of the human experience.”

Lindsay Briner,
Stabilized Flow Leadership Solutions founder