The Science of Performance Excellence


Join my upcoming courses to learn about the cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology of higher states and stages of consciousness, and how they enhance your performance.

A new wave of leadership is on the rise; when flow state becomes a flow-trait and one’s capacity to lead from calm, clarity, and with a vision of the further future.

You will discover a map of these higher stages, as well as research-backed methods to getting there ongoingly.

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Hi, I'm Lindsay.

I am a transformative executive coach, organizational consultant, and a research scientist in the fields of behavioral science, cognitive neuroscience, transpersonal psychology and the ethical use of wellness technology.

I work with individuals, communities, and businesses that focus on human optimization by using experiences, modalities, and contemplative technology to access higher states of consciousness.

It is my greatest joy to guide people to unlock their highest potential, achieve persistent inner peace, and exponentialize leadership through wellbeing.


Awakened leadership is where we live beyond the ordinary everyday reality; where we harness our True self and our unique capacity to serve the betterment of humanity.

The state of Flow refers to moments of rapt attention and absorption, when you are fully, consciously focused on the task or moment at hand. Concentration cruise control.

Research shows that this state is at the center of peak-performance, maximizing attributes like motivation, learning, creativity, and insight to purpose in life. Research also shows the more we experience flow, the more mystical experiences we have of transcendence. Experiences of transcendence are when our locus of identity shifts from ego-centric to world-centric, eco-centric, and cosmo-centric; thus developing deeper meaning and purpose in relationship to the larger whole.

At Self-Transcendence, we experience a “metahuman” quality of life — one where we are more deeply aware of the interconnectedness of all life, and the evolutionary cosmic nature of reality. Often, a newfound motivation for selfless service emerges as a developmental stage.

Awakened Leadership is when we are fully embodied in our True Self beyond the conditioned misinformation of ordinary reality; therefore able to step up with high performance — in calm, clarity and grace to serve the greater good of humanity and our future.

Why Awakened Leadership is Critical For Our Survival As A Species

We live in an era of urgency for global change. That sense of urgency is also an invitation for each of us to take action to enrich the human experience, individually and collectively. The ethical evolution of culture and society is no longer a choice, it’s the only option.

Changing the world is no small task — it is a heroic journey.

Succeeding on that journey requires us to learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and fear; so that we can access a level of creativity and insight that is beyond our imagination, and awaken to the deep interconnectedness of all life.

We are at the cusp of this critical shift, the clarion call of the hero’s journey, where an elevation in global consciousness is critical for human suffering to end amidst a cognition crisis, so we (and the planet) continue to survive.

An unprecedented human flourishing is possible and is underway — where optimal wellbeing, peak performance, and awakened inner peace will be more and more accessible for everyone, everywhere.

It’s time now to not just ‘be the change’ but to lead it in our businesses, communities, industries, and world at large.

Executive Coaching


Awakened Peak Performance for executives, entrepreuners, and trail blazers of the new future.

Step 1

Bring the Unconscious Mind into the Conscious

Do you seek freedom from…
  • Depression, anxiety, or trauma
  • Fear, doubt, or shame
  • Distraction and mind chatter
  • Negative narrative or limiting beliefs?

In Step 1, we break the chains of the conditioned mind by uncovering and rewiring limiting belief systems and patterns that are holding you back.

Step 2

Transition into Higher Consciousness

Do you desire to find a transition to…
  • Grace, loving, and kindness
  • Purpose and meaning
  • Authenticity and integrity
  • Healthy boundaries and fulfilling relationships
  • A persistent and ongoing awakening?
In Step 2, we break the chains of the conditioned mind by uncovering and rewiring limiting belief systems and patterns that are holding you back.

Step 3

Integrate and Explore

For the strong willed, the Explorer stage stabilizes the higher consciousness, whereby a state becomes a trait, life flow is achieved, and an unwavering inner peace emerges.

Here, you’ll deepen and explore…
  • The integration of awakening to higher consciousness
  • Navigating intuition
  • Not just flow state, but the life-flow of effortlessness
  • What it means to be “in the body”
  • Life changes as growth opportunities
  • An unwavering inner peace
  • The glory of freedom
  • And a newfound connection and appreciation for the natural world.

“Truly a master at helping people…”

“Lindsay is truly a master at helping people have deep and transformational changes, and has the remarkable ability of helping them raise their conscious awareness while going to their next level of success. She has a unique gift for bringing out the very best in the individuals and businesses she works with, and is really good at what she does!”

Kris Hallbom

Co-Founder NLP Coaching Associates LLC, International Leadership Trainer, Coach, and Author

Organizational Consulting


Technology’s ability to measure, influence, and stimulate the human mind is rapidly advancing, which can massively impact to our species. When used ethically, it can enhance our understanding of what it means to be human, and therefore exponentialize wellbeing globally.

I specialize in research-based project management for companies that are leveraging technology to bring physical, mental, and emotional health to the masses.

Transformative Technology can provide accessible solutions that bring us deeper into our biology and enhance our self-awareness through technology such as biosensors, biofeedback, and more. Therefore, when used with integrity, transformative technologies can deepen our ability to understand what it means to be human.

“Fascinating consulting work with technology”

“Lindsay’s understanding of neuroscience and consciousness makes for fascinating consulting work with technology. Unraveling the mysteries of brain, mind, and consciousness and how to apply it in a practical way to help people is clearly Lindsay’s passion and expertise.”

Deepak Chopra, MD

Author, Speaker and Advisor

Let’s Work Together

“I am envisioning a near future, where an ecosystem of ethical technologies, coaching, therapy, medicine, and spiritual development are harmoniously brought together in integrity to flatten the curve of human suffering and reconnect us to nature. A future where a deeper understanding of what it means to be human is supported and cherished.

A future where this type of support is affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere. A new era is well underway, where freedom and equality in wellness will shine through the efforts of collaborative innovation.”


Reach out to me below to inquire about my services.